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Friday, 10 March 2017

Get NZ Writing

This year, Hurungaterangi 3 are involved with the 'Get NZ Writing' challenge. This involves classes from all across New Zealand completing the same writing tasks and then sharing them with another class from another school.
The first task involved learning about metaphors and completing a class metaphor poem. I was really impressed with the poem the students from H3 came up with. It wasn't easy and required brainstorming of ideas, writing, crafting and recrafting until all of the class agreed with the images created by the metaphors. So here it is:-
Hurunga 3 is ...

Is a noisy monster truck,
sometimes purrs sometimes putters,
with hydraulics that go high and low
and is often stuck in reverse
but can move forward.

Hurunga 3 is …
Is an old building under renovation,
Trying to be really stable,
There are abandon cats living
Beneath us that can be heard
And on the back wall we have amazing

Hurunga 3 is …
Is Sushi all
Different flavours,
Our teacher is the seaweed
Holding us together
The rice is the students,
All together as one
Odd bits drop out, we put them back in
The centre is all our favourite bits.

   Hurunga 3 is …
   A pair of shoes
With no soles,
   loose shoelaces,
Faded and scuffed from
Mistakes made in the past
That need repair to make
Us polished again.  

 Hurunga 3 is …
Is a geothermal pool,
Loud popping in different
Directions with emotion ,
rising and falling, hot and cold,
With steam floating away to .........
Achieve the extraordinary.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Peer Teaching

This week  students were given the opportunity to teach their peers the tactical game Ki-o-rahi. Broc and Raniera took on the initial challenge of setting up and explaining the game to the class just to remind those who had played the game before, how it was done. These students then modelled the game to the newcomers. Next they had a new player attached to them, to guide and encourage. A really successful session and I was super impressed with some of the mentoring I saw. Well done H3.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Math and Art

This year, many lessons will be linked across the curriculum. As an introduction to this, we completed an abstract portrait which linked to math/measurement. The task required accurate measuring and ruling of lines 1/2 cm apart. Time consuming but all the class put in the effort with some great results and senses of satisfaction.

Welcome to 2017

It has been a great start to the year in Hurungaterangi 3. We have said goodbye to some of our members from last year and welcomed 12 new faces. The class has settled and we are well underway with our learning. We are currently working on choices and decision making in our lives and have incorporated this with art in a decision sculpture.

Each student recorded the hardest decision that they have ever had to make on a paper which became one of the petals of this sculpture. This hangs high up on our wall to remind students that they can make decisions, even the tough ones when they need to.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Math fun

Who says math isn't fun. I introduced the class to grids and coordinates the other day. They had to draw 11x11 grids on their chrome books and then engage in a good old game of battleship. Lots of competition and strategy.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Well it's Term 4 and Athletics training  time. This week the class started their training with high jump. They all had a go with some interesting and some awesome results.